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The Zestful Journey of Urja

Urja, a flagship brand of Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd., was brought to life to offer the best-quality dairy-based products like milk, milk by-products, packaged drinking water, carbonated beverages, fruit beverages, ice creams and sweets. Today, Urja has become a favoured choice of Maharashtra.

However, the initial years after the launch of Urja were challenging for the company. The MD of Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Ramdas Kutwal, had to travel across Maharashtra and pin every town to set up a distribution chain. But it was all worth it when he created one big family of distributors and formed an everlasting relationship with them. Having started with packaged drinking water and milk initially, Kutwal brothers soon gauged the changing market and decided to diversify Urja. Soon, Urja started to manufacture milk by-products to cope with the competitive market. This move by the company brought tremendous success to the brand’s growth. Today Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. has the largest flavoured milk facility in Maharashtra. Followed by the success of Flavoured Milk, the company then introduced Lassi, Buttermilk, Carbonated Beverages, and Fruit Beverages which also created a buzz everywhere. All the products at Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd., are manufactured with pure innovation and unique recipes. At Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd., innovation is not just limited to products. The company devised a very innovative, efficient, and attractive product packaging that caught consumers’ attention.

In 2012-13, to further extend Urja’s legacy, the company launched its first retail franchise store, My Urja. A successfully proven business model that has been functioning for a decade and has 100 plus outlets. It is Maharashtra’s fastest-growing dairy-based franchise model with an illustrious legacy of creating successful entrepreneurs. With apt supply chain management & proactive technical assistance, My Urja maintains hassle-free operation. Recently, Urja launched its first-ever division of new sweets.

The sweet division is the reason to make your every moment a sweet celebration. With this new division, Urja is now approaching to transcend its growth in the near future.

The Timeless Legacy

Although the company was incepted in 2001, its solid foundation was rooted in 1982 when Mr. Ramdas Kutwal started working at Tata Motors. Aspiring to pursue a career in ITI, Mr. Ramdas was rejected from the ITI institute as he was underweight but that did not hinder his ambitions. In the very next year, he got shortlisted for the training program at Tata Motors. In his tenure at Tata Motors, Mr. Ramdas Kutwal did not only attain technical proficiency, but he also gained management skills and nuances in the business. At an incredibly young age, Mr. Ramdas Kutwal started a small clothing business, and he was running it successfully. It is where his elder brother, Mr. Prakash Kutwal, spotted a spark in him and gave him an opportunity to work in the corporate world. Being analytical by birth, soon Mr. Ramdas Kutwal learned every aspect of the business. It was the real beginning of the Kutwal Food Pvt. Ltd.


Corporate Philosophy

“We at Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. believe in creating food products that will inspire ‘fan following’ and expand it with every product innovation we do across all markets where we plan to endeavour.”

Our Core Values

Integrity | Innovation | Quality

Integrity, Innovation and Quality are not mere ideals we work towards; we live and breathe them. These core values are the true essence of how we work, and we endeavour to reflect them in every product we offer.

We run business lawfully, honestly and with integrity.

We are sensitive to people’s needs and are constantly engaged in creating innovative products and processes.

We believe our products, which people consume, always must be of fine quality and without any adulteration.

Corporate Policy

  • Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. will always be about great products created with a passion for people who love tasty and good-quality food.

  • While creating products, we will keep finding answers to the question, “Will this product inspire a fan following?” And we will work until we get “Yes!” as an answer.

  • Compromise will never be a part of our products, service or attitude. We will practice delivering only high-quality products and services.

  • We will ensure our customers are always delighted with consistency in quality and fair prices.

  • Our open work culture will always allow individuals to reach their full potential. Management will be accessible to all its customers, internal and external.

  • We will encourage improvement in our suppliers’ practices and ensure they too prosper with the company.

  • We will always seek opportunities for innovation in our product, packaging and process and set trends in the industry.

  • We will keep doing our bit for the people, society and nature to make the world a better place.

The Management Team

The Real Source of ‘Urja’

Prakash Kutwal, Founder, Chairman

Mr. Prakash Kutwal is a dynamic visionary first-generation entrepreneur with a commendable experience in the dairy industry. He always aspired to enrich the existing product range of the milk and milk by-product category. He has been leading Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. with great dynamism to keep the company on the growth wagon. Through his active involvement in various social initiatives, Mr. Prakash always tries to bring betterment to society. His idealistic vision and valiant nature are an answer to the 26 awards he received in the dairy sector. He has also been felicitated by several other awards for his social initiatives. 

Prakash Kutwal, Founder, Chairman

Mr. Ramdas Kutwal is a marketing maestro having expertise in innovative marketing practices. Under his dynamic and inspiring leadership, the Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. team has achieved success in the marketing sector and prospered in the journey ahead. The company will continue to drive the organization towards significant growth in a brand-dominated market with his thoughtful leadership. With a profound experience of 30 years in production and marketing of food products, Mr. Ramdas Kutwal constantly strives to make Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. products available everywhere in the market.

Ramdas Kutwal, Managing Director

Ramdas Kutwal, Managing Director
Suvarna Kutwal, Director

Mrs. Suvarna Kutwal has a rich experience in Human Resource Management, she has been responsible for looking after human resource development at Kutwal Foods Pvt Ltd. for last 20 years. Her vision of building a strong efficient team and nurturing talent has contributed to a great extent in the company’s growth story. Under her guidance, the human resource department has laid down a strong values for all the employees which not only help in the growth of the company but also in individual growth of an employee,

Suvarna Kutwal, Director


The plant houses a well-equipped, spacious administrative block and automated machinery from processing to packaging. To produce high-quality products consistently, the plant has a well-equipped test lab. The lab is constantly upgraded to newer technologies and equipment.

Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. has developed a robust Supply Chain Management system that smoothly regulates its business. Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. has its product carriage to have an efficient and stringent system of processes. Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. also has a fleet of more than 40 insulated and refrigerated vans, tankers and trucks that ensure a speedy, safe and damage-proof supply of all Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. products to the market. Our transportation ecosystem not only ensures quality but aids in the efficient distribution of the products.

Quality & Innovation

“Quality is everyone’s responsibility & we never have to stop getting better.”

Quality Policy

The quality of Kutwal Foods products has always been sacred to the company, and nothing can compromise it. Quality permeates all aspects of its operations, including the sourcing of raw materials, industrial inputs, infrastructure, and—most crucially—the finished product.

We at Kutwal Foods have been dedicated to excellence in all areas since the company’s beginnings. To the best extent possible, we try to suit the needs of our consumers, thus our procedures and methods are always evolving.

“We believe that the products we make, and the ones people consume should always be unadulterated, and of the finest quality.”

Quality Process

The Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. production facility in Andhalgaon is a highly automated, innovative building with exceptional technical capabilities. The highest quality adherence is ensured by the positioning, design, and operations of all units, including the administrative blocks. All final goods leave Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. having passed tests for the highest standards in the food and dairy industries, making them all benchmark products. 

  • In-house laboratories are regularly updated to ensure stringent quality control.

  • Quality control in retail establishments with specified deep freezing and refrigerating systems.

  • Quality control parameters govern handling and supply chain management.

  • Transporting milk and milk products in insulated & refrigerated vehicles.

  • Putting ISO standards into practice.

R&D - Research & Development

The R&D team at Kutwal continually takes efforts to develop newer and innovative products with extraordinary packaging systems. Besides focusing on launching new products in the market, the fully efficient team at Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. endeavours to rebuild its existing products as per the taste of the customers and their feedback.

The foremost thought and thought process for the R&D team has always been to develop products suitable for the customers. The team also stick to the constraints of western delicacies and thus reproduces them for better traditional Indian taste buds.

Every product is manufactured after a well-studied and in-depth market and consumer analysis and research. Therefore, the team aims to provide the best quality and tasty choices at cost-effective prices to delight our loved customers.

In this competitive business world, our innovative perspective toward problems sets us apart. Innovation is one of the core values of Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd., which has been followed, worshipped and practiced by everyone in the team.

From the beginning, innovation has played a key role in the company’s growth. This approach has helped us overpower complex problems with simple and cost-effective solutions. It gave us a fresh perspective on a problem-solving scenario and enabled us to produce several new products that the customers were excited to experience. The well-researched 300ml Urja Celebrity packaged drinking water bottle and the flavoured Lassi packed in easy-to-use and appealing cups, also taak was introduced in pet bottles are those innovative marvels that the industry saw for the first time.

The innovative thinking and approach at Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. enabled Kutwal Foods to regulate various low-cost and highly productive processes like the frugal development of the makeshift shrinking label technique.

In the coming times, innovation will be at the centre of all activities at Kutwal Foods.

Innovations at Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd.
  • Urja Celebrity-300ml packaged drinking water bottle with unique shape-2008

  • Urja Lassi in Cups-innovative concept conceived in 2008.

  • Dipping Flavoured milk and soft drinks bottles with shrink labels in hot water Instead of moving through an electric hot tunnel, which reduces time and use of electricity.

  • Introduction to fresh Taak in pet bottles of 500ml & 1Ltr in 2010

Awards & Recognition

Achievements that inspire us to outdo ourselves