:: ABOUT US ::
Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a prestigious enterprise of the Kutwal Group. With keen understanding of modern society and the changing shape of the future, the company stands on the strength of visionary directors and avant-garde technology.

Since 2002, under the brand name URJA, the company has brought out a range of products such as  Milk, Ghee, Shrikhand, Amrakhand, Flavored Milk, Lassi, Curd, Butter milk, Paneer, Ice-Cream,Packaged Drinking Water, Soda, Soft drinks : Orango, Jeera Fresh, Spark, Pickle : Mango & Mixed Pickle.

On the foundation of Professional management, efficient distribution, dynamic, innovative sales management and a stringent quality policy, the company has made a commendable mark on all strata of society. Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd. has its head office in Pune and the production plant in Sainagar, Andhalgaon near Shirur. Following Urja has become an emblem of taste, health and hygiene throughout Indian Railways and Government Institutions and several corporate companies.

The Management

Professionals with a customer centric focus manage the company. Innovation, dynamism and a caring attitude have been their hallmark. Key concern for the environment is also reflected in the organization culture.

The Company is managed & controlled by the experienced & capable professionals, Directors.
  • To create social balance between urban and rural areas by providing occupation to youngsters in the villages.
  • To initiate and support the Green Revolution by strengthening the agricultural backbone of our country.
  • To offer our experience and expertise in this core sector and give it the status of an organized sector.
Globalisation has brought in a higher awareness of quality that our products have always delivered. Consumption of our products shall ensure that our society is heading towards a healthier future.
      URJA Hightlights
  • Project spread over 4 acres.
  • Product quality certified by ISI, FPO, MMPO
  • Modern testing laboratory approved by Bureau of Indian Standard.
  • Daily supply of products in 5 states to over 1 lakh consumers.
  • Provision of finance to the needy for purchase of cows.
  • Provision of progeny tested semen, expert consultation of doctors for increased and better milk Production.
  • Educated and dedicated employees.
  • Residence for employees and conveyance by separate bus for those who stay far.
URJA is a movement dedicated to social upliftment along with quality production of dairy products. The company encourages dynamic entrepreneurs by providing finance and technology. Advanced facilities, high production standards have helped the company secure the necessary certificates of quality.

URJA is a flourishing brand across 5 states with 350 distributors and 25000 outlets. It stands as a symbol of trust for everyone associated with it.
Social Responsibility
The enterprising founder of Kutwal Group, the Kutwal family have a deep and abiding belief in the benefit of society be it urban or rural. The Andhalgoan has created job opportunities for the rural youth. The retail arm Urja Sampoorna has provided an opportunity to small retail space owners.

Green Initiatives
The bicycle man is an innovative initiative…..the use of bicycle men is Urja's way of contributing towards a pollution free city.